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Red Rebel Song
sing boy
dere's more to you
dan skin
ya DaDa's fingers
from years of cleaning corners
where brush an dustpan couldn't reach
Some han
would tap ya shoulders
wid hope an Dreams
of some rainbow future.
Nikki the warrior
When all my stolen moments
from all the memories of
me and you
gather to form a shape...
your smile begins to appear 
on a single soft sheet
of paper
I could almost taste ya kiss
if I put my lips on them
sheet of paper
I could scent ya smell,
And feel ya gaze
but be careful not to gaze too
long or your brown eyes
might start to water
I wanna be westernized
I'm Indian, I'm Chinese
Jamaican, from
Dominican Republic of
Nigeria, Algeria
But I speak YOUR twang 
I just wanna be accepted
I need not be protected
from my roots, cos
I'm sellin out 5662 years of
achieved by my nation
And will be one of you guys
with NO ties about,
your spiritual being
And that feelin'
Deep inside. needing to belong
to a culture
I'm a vulture
And I'll eat ya if ya
Don't give me my rights
I'll behave...Not like the 
Slave my DaDa was
I'll hunt ya down.
Make ya see the Real me
An Arab, Polonese,
Afro Chinese.
With mutilated thoughts

R.E. Sammi