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present/past Tense

the following three articles are variously edited versions of talks given at a 
symposium organised by Street Level Photoworks and hosted by the CCA ­ both in Glasgow in November of 1997. The purpose of Street Level's symposia is to stimulate discussion within a public forum on topics and issues which we identify as pivotal to the current climate and development of art practice in Scotland. It is not considered to be an isolated event, but part of a continuum of critical debate which recognises the necessity of recording histories and ideas. It coincided with the exhibition tower of babble: invention and convention in art magazines 1960 to the present held at Street Level and other venues in Glasgow in late '97. The exhibition toured to Stirling and accumulated more material on its exhibition at the Norwich Art Gallery in May of '98.

the work preceding this and the one 7 pages on are part of a series of 10 artists magazine covers commissioned for the tower of babble exhibition. The first is by Pavel Büchler whose article of the same name features here, and the latter by Glasgow Women's Library.

the second instalment of pieces from the symposium will be available this October. 
It will include pieces by Rhonda Wilson on Ten-8, an article on AND magazine, Linda Morris in discussion with Peter Townsend, and Peter Kravitz on fanzine and magazine culture. 
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