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The nose of a mob is its imagination.

Transmission Gallery • 3pm • Saturday 30th November 2013 • discussion

In collaboration with Transmission Gallery, Variant hosts a discussion on the pressures to reposition artist-run activity in line with dominant ideas about a Creative Economy.

As part of a wider regime of professionalisation and training focused on fomenting economic competition, where artists are continually expected to re-skill themselves, such ideas include the association of culture with aspiration and employability.

Looking at parallels with the ‘NGO-isation’ of activism, our discussion will explore the effects these pressures are having on organisational structures and purpose, and on the ethos of self-organisation more generally.

Closer to the date we’ll circulate a short position paper as an aid for discussion, presenting themes which will, in part, draw upon Kirsten Forkert’s article ‘Artist as Executive, Executive as Artist’, Variant issue 35.

The event will take the form of a facilitated discussion, in which we’ll try to make sense of our own experiences of the impact of these regimes of industrialisation on what we do and the contexts in which we do it.

Variant AGM2013 • Transmission Gallery, 28 King Street, Glasgow, G1 5QP •

followed by

Variant AGM2013 • extraordinary Annual General Meeting.

Variant’s members’ AGM will be held on Saturday 30th November 2013 at Transmission Gallery, 28 King Street, Glasgow, G1 5QP

Variant AGM2013 is in two parts:

3pm • PART 1 • a public discussion co-hosted with Transmission Gallery

5pm • PART 2 • the Variant AGM open to the Variant membership*

*The management committee hold Variant’s membership to be constituted of individual subscribers, all contributors and advisors (automatic subscription), and those providing voluntary support (automatic subscription).

Due to continued suspension of publication the management committee are not notifying members of the requirement to re-register their membership at least 28 days prior to the AGM. The extraordinary aspect is so as to address a new constitutional form.

The business of the annual general meeting consists of:
• a report by the chair on the activities of the association
• consideration of the annual accounts of the association
• a resolution to dissolve the association and transfer its assets to a new body (Variant vol.3) once a new constitutional form is established.

As Variant’s membership reside beyond Scotland, we realise it will be difficult for all members to attend a physical meeting in Glasgow, so please contribute in writing to the address, by appointed proxy, or by email to: